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Liberal Studies- FFD

At WCCC, the FFD program consists of 5 3-credit classes to give students the introductory level core curriculum credit with a focus on parenting and strengthening families.  This curriculum helps students become advocates for their children, families and communities as well as prepares them for additional coursework that transfers into future degree programs.  Students also will take the one-credit First Year Experience (FYE) class during their first year, for a total of 16 credits. FFD alums have continued at WCCC in certificate and associate’s degree programs in Education, Human Services, Business, Medical Assisting and Phlebotomy.  Transfer counseling services for students who want to use their WCCC degree as a pathway to a 4-year degree are available, and can work with WCCC counselors and the FFD Transitions Coach to pursue additional education.

Program Requirements


A course to help students improve their skill in expository, analytical, and persuasive writing. Students will gain introductory research skills as they learn to write in relationship to other texts. Reading and grammatical skills are emphasized, so that students will learn to build solid prose that will be the foundation of their academic career. This course is required of all students.

Human Relations

Human Relations introduces students to the principles of psychology applied to the understanding of self and others. Students will study the interactions that exist between people at work, in organizations and in one’s personal life. The student will be provided with a clear, insightful, and comprehensive understanding to the principles and underlying psychological dynamics of interpersonal relations and have the opportunity to practice these skills.

Child & Adolescent Development

This course explores the growth and development of the child from conception through adolescence. Investigations of the physical, cognitive, and social-emotional domains are used to understand and describe the developing person. Students will understand the theories, research, and the multiple variables that affect the growth and development of children and adolescents. This is the second core course in the CDA certification series. The CDA certificate topics covered are: language and literacy development; literacy and the acquisition of second languages; development; cognition; discovery and problem solving; children as individuals; peer relationships and developing values; positive child guidance/discipline; observing and recording behavior; inclusion of children with disabilities; children at risk, developing self-esteem; developing identity, and the influence of family, peers, and community


This oral communication course offers experience in the selection and organization of speech content, audience analysis, and delivery. Classroom experience emphasizes preparation and delivery of informative and persuasive speeches, as well as other types of oral presentations.

First Year Experience

Students will actively and deliberately engage in the requirements of their transition into college. This seminar focuses on how to succeed. It will facilitate a strong start, empower with necessary skills and awareness, chart a path toward achievement of goals, and direct students toward supports as needed. Particular attention will be paid to navigating the college environment, expectations of the institution, individual learning style, career development, academic strategies, community building, time management and time theft. This is a pass/fail course.

In College Prep, you will acquire the skills you need to succeed.  It is divided into four areas of investigation: College readiness, Digital Literacy, College and Career Advising, and Basic Academic Skills.  The course is delivered in a “blended” fashion, which means it could combine face-to-face and online sessions through the “Schoology” platform.  Assignments will include readings, journal entries, writing a formal essay and annotated bibliography, math preparation, and other work in class.  College Prep is taught by WCACE staff.


Ethics is the study of that which is of fundamental interest to every human. This course provides the student with the study of ancient and contemporary issues involving actions freely performed that significantly harm or benefit humankind and the reasoned methods of judging such behavior.

Existing Credits

If you have earned credits for any of the college classes offered through FFD, your transcripts will be reviewed by the FFD Academic Supports committee.  There may be alternative courses to substitute in order for you to participate in the program. Your coach, the committee and campus faculty will work with you to determine the best option for you.

“Putting hard work into your passion will get you somewhere, so finding something you love is important.”  -James Hetfield (Lead singer of Metallica)

Jessica Mcphail

FFD First Year Coach

FFD WCACE Tutor Valerie Lawson

EMAIL- valerie.lawson@aetc.us
Facebook Name- Valerie Lawson


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