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Family Studies Certificate

The five-course, 15-credit certificate program in Family Studies is designed to give students the introductory level core curriculum credit with a focus on parenting and strengthening families.  This curriculum helps students become advocates for their children, families and communities as well as prepares them for additional coursework that transfers into future degree programs. FFD alums at UMM have continued in associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs in Psychology & Community Studies, Business, Education, Biology (Allied Health) and Recreation & Tourism Management.

FFD Requirements

A course to help students improve their skill in expository, analytical, and persuasive writing. Students will gain introductory research skills as they learn to write in relationship to other texts. Reading and grammatical skills are emphasized, so that students will learn to build solid prose that will be the foundation of their academic career. This course is required of all students.

This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to examine their life-space; to envision alternative possibilities in their personal and professional growth; and to foster the development of creative changes toward their future life-career. This course has two essential aspects. First, the theoretical and academic aspect in which the focus of the class and text is on major psychological theories and their applications for everyday life. Second, the experiential aspect in which the students are encouraged to participate in growthful exercises individually and in group situations. The course involves the various areas of life including relationships to family members, to friends and associates, and to professional colleagues. This course includes a Service-Learning and Community Engaged (SL/CE) component.

Supporting parents in the discovery of the child’s development from pre-natal to adolescent explosions, Parenting Children and Adolescents will give parents tools to be knowledgeable about appropriate actions and reactions in all stages of their child’s lives. This course will use strengths-based approaches to helping parents expand on what they are already doing well in helping them achieve their goals for supporting and interacting with their children.

Students will investigate and put into practice the various styles and methods of communicating publicly, from notes, ex tempore, memorized, and reading aloud.  Students will learn the skills relevant to good speech communication: conception, organization, techniques of generating interest, the use of audio-visual aids, audience inclusion and involvement, and overcoming performance apprehension.

In College Prep, you will acquire the skills you need to succeed. It is divided into four areas of investigation: College Readiness, Digital Literacy, College and Career Advising, and Math and English Readiness. The course is delivered in “blended”a  fashion, combining face-to-face and online sessions through the “Schoology” platform. Assignments will include readings, journal entries, writing a formal essay and annotated bibliography, math preparation, and other work in class.  College Transitions is taught by staff from WCACE.

Existing Credits

If you have earned credits for any of the college classes offered through FFD, your transcripts will be reviewed by the FFD Academic Supports committee.  There may be alternative courses to substitute in order for you to participate in the program. Your coach, the committee and campus faculty will work with you to determine the best option for you.


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