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WHat is Family Futures Downeast?

College With a Family Support Team

FFD is an education and workforce program specifically designed for parents and their young children.

It’s unique because you enroll in FFD and receive a wide array of supports. Our team of coaches and educators help you navigate everything from getting ready for college, registration, the steps to apply for financial aid, and academic assistance.  

At the same time, your children enroll in quality educational programs at the same campus.

It’s called 2 Gen – parents and children learning at the same time. FFD is offered at both the University of Maine at Machias and the Washington County Community College.


How Does It Work?

What You Need to Know

The purpose of FFD is to help parents and families to reach their goals including:

  • having the financial ability to pay bills,
  • find good jobs,
  • getting a college degree,
  • and help their children become successful.

Application & Admission

Who is eligible to enroll in FFD?

Parents who have at least one child under the age of 8 and live in Washington County.

Students must be 200% below the federal poverty level.

Can I attend if I was “not successful” attending college before?

Yes, you may be eligible. We would have to review what credits you previously earned, if you have not earned credits for the classes that are a part of the FFD curriculum and meet all other requirements you may be eligible. 

Can I attend if I owe money to the college?

Yes, it may still be possible.  FFD staff can work with you, college financial aid offices and student loan companies to try and get you eligible as soon as possible.

What is the application process?
  1. Reach out to FFD for an initial conversation about your goals and circumstances.
  2. Complete the short application. Our admissions committee will review your application and conditionally accept or offer other recommendations.
  3. Once conditionally accepted into FFD, the FFD staff with work with the parent to complete the college application, apply for financial assistance and complete the intake process. We’re with you each step of the way!

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How much will it cost?

There is no cost to participate in FFD. FFD will assist you in applying for financial aid to pay for classes and materials. If the financial aid awarded does not cover the cost FFD will assist the family in paying. Early childhood education is provided to the children registered with FFD at no cost to the family. 


About FFD

What is the Coach and What do they do?

Family Futures Downeast provides you with intensive support from a Coach.  Your coach assists you in working to remove barriers to allow you to participate in the program.

They will assist you through the year to learn the complicated college system.

Your coach assists you with goal setting, and progression throughout the year.


What is the Summer Preparation course?

FFD begins with a college preparation course the summer before classes begin. This is class helps you to be ready for college and settle into the evening routine with your children. There is no grade for this class.

What if I don't have a computer and internet at home?

Family Futures Downeast loans a laptop and wi-fi hot spot to each participant to use during the first year of the program.

What will my schedule look like?

The FFD college curriculum is made up of five 3-credit classes each semester. The courses teach topics that are relevant to a family’s everyday life. These courses can be applied to most associate or bachelor degree programs.

You and your children will arrive be on campus on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Classes begin with college prep in August and continue until the end of the spring semester.

Your children can be dropped off at the childcare center to begin their early childhood education activities at 5:45pm.  Meals will be provided to children and families before class.  You will then go to their classroom and attend class from 6:30p – 8p. 

How will I get to campus?

You will receive gas cards for travel to and from the campus if needed. If you do not have reliable transportation, FFD will work with you to ensure you can attend and participate in programming. 

What is a Family Center and how can I use it?

Family Futures Downeast has a Family Center on each campus.  Each center is set up to you and your children be successful. Each space is set up to provide a safe location on campus to study, meet with the coach, meet with fellow students, work on assignments, meet with the tutor, print homework, use the internet, and gather together for fun.  The spaces are set up for small children with toys, children’s furniture, and kitchenettes.

What happens if I need extra help with homework?

Family Futures Downeast is partnered with Axiom Education, & Training Center, who provides College Transitions classes each summer, and free individual tutoring  students. 


Students continue in college


of parents feel more hopeful about their children's futures


Reported new professional connections

Families have participated in FFD

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Calais Location: 330 North Street, Calais, ME 04619

Telephone: (207) 255-0983


Hours: M-F: 8am - 5pm